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l'utente Agnes in data 09/03/2019 - ore 08:40:43 ha scritto:
Hi Mauro! How to buy your most recent album? It would be great if you could add new songs on N1m as well.

l'utente Denise in data 09/03/2019 - ore 08:39:27 ha scritto:
Sorry to bother you, i'm trying to purchase your songs on N1M and your link to itunes store was nowhere to be found?!

l'utente Dan in data 09/03/2019 - ore 08:38:28 ha scritto:
Great music, I just found out about you tonight, just intime for me to add all your stuff to my collection for listening next week. Thanks for making such amazing music.

l'utente Ayla in data 09/03/2019 - ore 08:37:15 ha scritto:
Hi! Found your site on here and glad I did! Listened to ISOLA DI POLVERE, fantastic feeling - hope you go far - you deserve it! Don't give up! what an absolutely mindblowing music you have!! wow wow wow!!

l'utente Vickie in data 29/03/2018 - ore 22:08:29 ha scritto:
Today your N1M page has been distributed to all my social accounts. Let's raise your army of fans! Your music is worth listening to and worth buying.

l'utente Geneva in data 12/03/2018 - ore 22:28:03 ha scritto:
I believe all radio stations will add your songs to their playlists sooner or later. Don't forget me when you're famous.

l'utente James in data 20/02/2018 - ore 08:44:39 ha scritto:
Hi Mauro, You're amazing, talented, and your music shows it. You work so hard and everyone knows it because everyone can feel it in your music. You're so inspirational, and Thank you for that.

l'utente Cavalier in data 08/01/2018 - ore 10:15:39 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China.

l'utente The Harper Vally Blues Band in data 31/12/2017 - ore 17:27:43 ha scritto:
La tua comica televisione: This is very good to listen too. The musicianship is very good. The same with the recording. This is very enjoyable music that even my parents really like. I wish this musician the very best.

l'utente John Heimbers in data 31/12/2017 - ore 17:23:08 ha scritto:
I just discovered Mauro Cipri "by accident" on N1M and I have got to say: cool stuff! One man and his guitar. Simple but fresh melody, this guy can sing! Cool song (Il viandante), cool sound, its kind of soft and rocks at the same time. Will definitly come on my playlist!

l'utente Geneva in data 18/12/2017 - ore 08:39:53 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Hey, I just want to thank you for your existence. I'm not able to find words for the feeling I have when I listen to your songs. It was pure chance that I have found you on N1M..and I'm so glad about it. Well, my favorite song is 'Il viandante'. keep spreading your music! Happy Holidays! And best wishes for 2018.

l'utente CRAIG DEAN in data 18/12/2017 - ore 08:36:13 ha scritto:

l'utente The sussed in data 09/12/2017 - ore 10:22:02 ha scritto:
Il viandante: I dont understand Italian vocals. However the song starts with an infectious Acoustic guitar that goes all the through the song. The Vocals remind me of Hugh Cornwall from The Stanglers who is one of my heroes

l'utente CRAIG DEAN in data 02/12/2017 - ore 08:58:52 ha scritto:

l'utente Nazca in data 26/11/2017 - ore 10:39:24 ha scritto:
Come potrei: Nice melodies, good performing, nice production with a very nice voice. I like the italian language, reminds me of the many holidays I've been there. This is the soundtrack for my holidays in order to have a successful relaxation. Shaking to the vibe of this song, humming with the melodies and dreaming of a Lover in this lovely country with the best food one can imagine. Stay this way and make your way!

l'utente Firedragon Rock in data 23/11/2017 - ore 15:57:00 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: My first impression is really positive, The rythm changes , the keyboards ambience, and a well developed voice make the music nice and easy to enjoy. very simple but effective concept . congratulations

l'utente Christine Ward in data 20/11/2017 - ore 16:17:54 ha scritto:
Mauro, you're truly welcome!! I honestly feel it's my pleasure and privilege to step inside your world, your song, your heart and soul, it's such a beautiful sight to behold... God bless your precious spirit, and thank you for sharing with me, you've blessed me so, I love your generosity, you're shining like a Star, ? I'm blessed to be a witness, a small part of your universe, one without borders!! How I wish the rest of this world had more people like you in It... ? but you're here now and that's what matters most! Christine

l'utente CRAIG DEAN in data 20/11/2017 - ore 08:58:38 ha scritto:
Il viandante: i like the acoustic guitar tones of this song right from the beginning of the introduction and pretty much throughout the whole song there is good production values employed here to keep the song moving along just nicely with a good vocal performance and some very complimentary synth lines adding nice texture to the track its a pity I don't have a translator for the lyrics

l'utente Zuzu Welsh Band in data 20/11/2017 - ore 08:55:13 ha scritto:
La tua comica televisione: I'm not usually a fan of loop station artists, but this song is very catchy and I honestly would not believe this was recorded with a loop station as all the backing tracks. The song has a great feel to it. The mix is excellent. Since I only speak and understand English fluently I can't comment on the lyrics but the vocals are smooth and solid, the vocal range is excellent, and the balance in the mix is great. I like the song, keep up the great work

l'utente Christine Ward in data 16/11/2017 - ore 21:45:41 ha scritto:
Hi Mauro, I'm listening to II viandante, I like the vibe of this song...although I don't understand the words, it's got a great feel. Is there anyway you can translate the lyrics? Regardless, it's very catchy and well done on the musical arrangement!! God bless you with much love always Christine

l'utente CRAIG DEAN in data 14/11/2017 - ore 10:28:36 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: the song has a great minor introduction with good piano and synthesiser and appears very well produced with loads of space within the track the song has a nice reflective feel to it with a vocal delivery that is reminiscent of some of the pet shop boys songs from the nineties one minor criticism is the length could be shorter at over five and a half minutes I think it could have at least two minutes shaved off the total length

l'utente Jardim Ceflico in data 31/10/2017 - ore 19:18:20 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: Parabns, diferente! Psicodlico! Parabns, diferente! Psicodlico! Parabns, diferente! Psicodlico! Parabns, diferente! Psicodlico! Parabns, diferente! Psicodlico! Parabns, diferente! Psicodlico! Parabns, diferente! Psicodlico!

l'utente Buzz McCraner/Mitch Dematoff in data 31/10/2017 - ore 10:29:53 ha scritto:
Come potrei: Great mix of a Chris Isaak meets Pink Floyd kind of tune. I liked the production, was very well done, I wood brighten the vocals a bit more to help them stand out on their own. musicianship was well played and dream-scape like, carries you through with a floating sense of traveling through time,I would bring the chorus back in for a final appearance because it is so nice to finish off the song, just my quick opinion, but overall very nice, good job!

l'utente Ron Meulen van der in data 30/10/2017 - ore 22:46:45 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: Realy nice and overwhelming music whiteout getting lost in a swamp of sound. You still hear the details of every instruments and the vocal. Some synthesizer sounds are not really original and tend to factory settings, It would be better if you try to find your own sounds. Maybe you did, but thats what i can hear in your music. For the overall i'll think you've got a great felling what makes your music so beautiful. Good work.

l'utente Mitch Siegal in data 29/10/2017 - ore 20:16:16 ha scritto:
Il vicino di casa: Very mellow sound that really sets the pace of the tune. Intro was well done and made me feel as though I was traveling somewhere in Europe. In fact the whole tune made me feel that way. Your vocal is smooth and appealing to the ear. It sets very comfortably in the mix. The melody takes a while to develop, however that is most likely what you intended to set the vibe. Nice job not killing it at the bridge/ hook, subtlety making changes here and there. Thanks for the listen, enjoyed it. Best of luck to you.

l'utente Mitch Siegal in data 25/10/2017 - ore 09:30:11 ha scritto:
La tua comica televisione: What a coool vibe and chill tune. Love the syncopation, very creative. Good sectional contrast and vocal prowes. The recording is solid as is the production value. Very marketable piece commercially, especially in foreign markets. Nice touch removing some of the instrumentation to create a hook! Always a cool move. Melody is a bit monotone for my tase, but it works in creating a genuine melancholy feel. The arrangement is also nicely executed along with a convincing vocal. You never broke character, maintaining that almost sad feeling throughout the song. Got to give it high marks on the originality factor as well with the speedy percussion blended with slower laid back vocals. Lyrically I had no clue what you were saying, however if I were Italian, I suspect it would be nothing short of amazing! Thanks for the listen, Mitch Siegal

l'utente Leehu Zysberg in data 09/10/2017 - ore 07:23:10 ha scritto:
Testimone: Mauro Cipri offers a classic Folk-Pop song with all the right components: straight-up to the microphone acoustic guitar strumming, a light, danceable rhythm, a pleasant lead vocal and even the quintessential harmonica solo. The song is fun to listen to, with the melodic line pleasant and harmonic. If you enjoy the genre - this song will become a favorite in your song list. If there is one quibble I can mention is the lack of musical development through the song - the song is 4:38 minutes long and has the beautifully composed melodic line repeat itself too many times without a "c part" or a dramatic change in musical arrangement - which could make the song provide a deeper sense of musical development. That said - it is a cool piece worthy of following and enjoying time and time again

l'utente Blame Shifter in data 07/10/2017 - ore 07:02:53 ha scritto:
Testimone: Nice full sound, all the levels are great, I've been doing the same, do it yourself, no drama that's how you do it on the web now. Nice melodies with the second guitar.nice harp playing, you could dance to it no problem.

l'utente Rasterot in data 07/10/2017 - ore 07:01:49 ha scritto:
Il viandante: You did a great job on this, keep up the good work man! i enjoyed listening to this and the vibe itself got me pretty good, i love the overall feel of this song and how it lulls the soul into submission...

l'utente Derek Falls in data 05/10/2017 - ore 09:01:20 ha scritto:
Il vicino di casa: Hello there Italia so far away, but so close in song. I enjoyed listening to your music creation and them cool loop changes that blend well. I like that we can hear your voice up front which creates the mood and takes us were you are in time. Ciao for now and keep the creations a coming. Your Artist, Derek falls

l'utente Uresh in data 03/10/2017 - ore 09:03:59 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: The music is perfect in its originality and simplicity. Easy listening song. The melody and style of music reminds me of Europe. I have no comments in this song. Great job. Cheers from Nepal!!

l'utente CRAIG DEAN in data 30/09/2017 - ore 09:03:03 ha scritto:
Come potrei: well wish I could speak would be a great added feature if numberonemusic had a feature where languages could be translated to english not withstanding this there is good emotion here with the passionate vocal delivery on display and a great acoustic guitar refrain and interesting soundscape that provides the backdrop to this song there are a lot of influences being channelled throughout the song that listeners will no doubt identify with..good effort

l'utente PowerZZone in data 26/09/2017 - ore 07:28:21 ha scritto:
La tua comica televisione: I am not Spanish speaking but am a fan of smooth elegant styles. This song has a beautiful mix of instruments and vocals that put a pleasant mood in the air! Bravo for your efforts in making very pretty music that is easy listening and moody. I think this style tune will always have an audience and will definitely cross from genre to genre, and also help inspire other artists to think more about there ballads. I look forward to hearing more, and all the best of success with all musical endeavors. Cheers.....Steve/PowerZZone

l'utente DBC Gospel Rapper in data 18/09/2017 - ore 07:40:45 ha scritto:
Come potrei: I'm really like your style and I really like the song your music is very unique and creative and inspiring to me very unique and creative and well put together and well composed never stop creating keep on going to the next level of greatness I listen to all types of music and I love creativity anytime I would love to hear more of your music your style is awesome and unique thanks for sharing your craft with the world keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

l'utente Eskelatshe in data 11/09/2017 - ore 08:08:17 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: Nice Everyone To All Genres we're going to The Music World with The feeling , everyone have a talent in himself, the Music Is Very Good In The Life, We're need a talent and spit on The life, feeling, loving, or etc.., Making Music And keep On It..

l'utente Second Skeleton in data 08/09/2017 - ore 10:59:41 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: I enjoyed this tune. I liked the mix of moods that lent themselves to a light and transient feeling tune that i found refreshing. As non Italian speaking guy from the UK i had no idea what the lyrics meant, though that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the tune and i found them to be very melodic. The song was well mixed and produced very well, giving it a pro sounding feel, which was great. Nice work.

l'utente Marco Da Rold's Ghost Train in data 07/09/2017 - ore 08:04:50 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Interesting lyrics hidden behind multiple layers of acoustic and electric sounds. Of course some patterns are repeated and almost obsessive, but it's only because all the whole band is made by one guy with his guitar and loop station. And he manages to run a full, maybe a lil long song of 5 minutes in which everything is in the right spot to transmit the same feeling as those evocated by tghe words he sings. Keep doing it!

l'utente Bohmin Skyzzoyd Orchestrers in data 02/09/2017 - ore 09:39:32 ha scritto:
La tua comica televisione: In perfect songwriter & storyteller school of Genoa, music ever borderline from mainstream to indie with atmospheres by seventies italian film music, lyrics delicious and ironic tells about tv influence in our life, replacing our gray and flat way to be with a caleidoscopic sandwich of lies to sleep again into our reality. Anyway i think is the same in the net and the message of this beautifull song scream so fine in face is time to stand up our mind on more edificant activity to us, because we are zero for tv and net and in really tv and net are not all in our life

l'utente Eskelatshe in data 31/08/2017 - ore 09:05:03 ha scritto:
il viandante: Nice Everyone To All Genres we're going to The Music World with The feeling , everyone have a talent in himself, the Music Is Very Good In The Life, We're need a talent and spit on The life, feeling, loving, or etc.., Making Music And keep On It..

l'utente King VACA in data 23/08/2017 - ore 09:29:00 ha scritto:
Come potrei: First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up! First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts.

l'utente Gabe Lee in data 19/08/2017 - ore 19:20:15 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Wonderful performance, Great tune, lovely dreamlike passage, not sure what his lyrics are like because I don't speak the language but his voice is very good. Thourghly enjoyed this, highly recommended!

l'utente Ron Meulen van der in data 18/08/2017 - ore 18:43:45 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Really nice and lovely song you've got there. At first i thought when i hear the guitar in the beginning like "yeah humm" but when the rest of the music comes in, i almost blown away, how musical this is. Your low voice sounds so great and it fits really good in the music. Really good recorded as well, but if i may give a point of criticism. The acoustic guitar could be a bit less in volume. In my opinion, this would be more overwhelming when the rest of the music coms in. For the rest, it's a beautiful piece of music/song.

l'utente Rusty clay in data 16/08/2017 - ore 09:41:30 ha scritto:
Il vicino di casa: A nice intro but it runs a little long. The vocals have a good tone and blend well with the music. The break are nicely transitioned from one part to the next. The mix is well done everything is clear and easy to hear and listen to. The song feels like something the cars might have done during their heartbreak city album which commercially was their best. The only advice I might suggest would be to tighten the song up and try to get the length to about 5 minutes

l'utente Eskelatshe in data 10/08/2017 - ore 07:48:03 ha scritto:
La tua comica televisione: Nice Everyone To All Genres we're going to The Music World with The feeling , everyone have a talent in himself, the Music Is Very Good In The Life, We're need a talent and spit on The life, feeling, loving, or etc.., Making Music And keep On It..

l'utente SCHEDULE in data 07/08/2017 - ore 07:52:11 ha scritto:
La tua comica televisione: Great vocal of yours and the music very pleasing to the ears. Definitely a type of song that is very relaxing. Wish you all the best and more success to have more songs for the music lovers.

l'utente John Wessel in data 07/08/2017 - ore 07:51:29 ha scritto:
ricordi: good sound I do not understand the lyrics but the melody is nice the guitar and percussion help alot with the flow of the song sounds like accordion to me in there as well along with the strings nice.

l'utente 7th Order in data 05/08/2017 - ore 09:23:23 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: Upon the very first listen to Mauro Cipri's "One Man Band Loop Station", I am reminded of several of the excellent mid 1980's Synth-Pop bands. While the writing/songcraft and performance are reminiscent of the bands and acts from that era, he definitely has a sound that is uniquely his own. I will very much look forward to hearing any more new music from this very impressive artist.

l'utente Melete in data 04/08/2017 - ore 13:49:55 ha scritto:
Come potrei: I don't speak your language but the music speaks for you. Really interesting sound and feel. There's a longing in the music i identify with. My only criticism is the ending, it needs more than a fade out. Keep writing. Please.

l'utente DBC Gospel Rapper in data 26/07/2017 - ore 08:19:15 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: A nice and later back song very unique and well composed and well put together sounds really good I grew up listening to all types of music keep on going I hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors stay creative.

l'utente grigoriadis stefanos in data 26/07/2017 - ore 08:17:46 ha scritto:
Testimone: In this beautiful folk song .... very good production and beautiful and simple orchestration with musical instruments that bind well to each other, giving this enjoyable musical result ... I really like the voice that sings and seems to feel totally Meaning of the lyrics ... the conclusion of this because of the expressiveness it puts in the interpretation and not because I know Italian ... wonderful and harmonica, which for me steals the musical performance of the piece, with the melancholy atmosphere that exudes .... A song that will please you surpassed because of the excellent work that has been done and the sensitivity they have shown over the all coefficients !!!!!

l'utente Gospel in data 25/07/2017 - ore 20:17:53 ha scritto:
Testimone: I really like the song sounds really good very creative and unique and well put together and well composed and well written keep on making great music and never stop creating stay who you are hope this been helpful this is my opinion the song I like a lot may God bless you in all your endeavors and have a blessed day.

l'utente Mainframe in data 21/07/2017 - ore 08:55:55 ha scritto:
Il vicino di casa: Una canzone molto intrigante. Questa una grande canzone, mi piace molto l'intro e il sound background sounds.The la qualit del suono complessiva grande e la voce suona bella. Grazie per aver creato una canzone cos bella.

l'utente The F.Y.F.Nation in data 17/07/2017 - ore 07:58:10 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: I have no idea what he saying but the melody is pleasant and makes you want to sing like listening to the Japanese dbz song so it's a winner and feels like the fray and that is also a winning factor so overall again I like

l'utente Ventura Howie in data 11/07/2017 - ore 08:54:27 ha scritto:
Ricordi: Una buona roccia popolare proveniente dall'Italia. Fondamentalmente voce, chitarra e armonica. E non pi, anche se c' anche qualche percussione e organo sullo sfondo, dando un buon riempimento e aggiungendo pi sapore alla disposizione. Ha una voce piacevole, la produzione buona, con buoni timbri e un mix corretto

l'utente Joggyn Smyler (Frank Zee) in data 08/07/2017 - ore 08:50:30 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Nice song..I enjoy it...Can Drift away with this flowing, smooth sound...very good recording as well, I like the mix..I wouldn't change it...Italians always make good pop/rock type songs..attractive and appealing vocal quality.. thankz Frank z "Joggyn Smyler" music

l'utente Samuel Yuri in data 03/07/2017 - ore 08:35:38 ha scritto:
Testimone: Very nice song with a nice start. I was in doubt at the start if it was country, because it remembers too. Has a nice voice and guitar harmony, the "gaita" also makes a difference in this song. I was expecting english, but italian was amazing since I heard few italian songs. Very Nice song! Add some lyrics at the lyric field, since reading it would be good to understand the meaning. Thanks

l'utente CANTHUS in data 19/06/2017 - ore 08:16:16 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: This song struck me as a mix between the smooth jazz grooves of Spyro Gyra combined with a classic rock sound similar to Sting with The Police. Very musical and calming. If you have never checked out the album "Love and Other Obsessions" by Spyro Gyra I would highly recommend it as your music has a very strong smooth jazz feel. Did you utilize a digital programs for some of your accompaniment or is it recorded as a live band? Bravo to whomever engineered your mix and master. Very well done, I enjoyed this track. Thank you for sharing.

l'utente Blacko Visions LAKE in data 19/06/2017 - ore 08:14:53 ha scritto:
Ricordi: The song starts off with a rhythmic and engaging tone. I feel compelled to listen to it. The singer has a rather dynamic voice and it has a strong vocal projection. The song is not overly complex. The chorus is impressive, the pitch range varies, making it rich and engaging for me. The song definitely is professional and creative. I find it extremely good and u have talent

l'utente Weanoverlan in data 15/06/2017 - ore 14:09:29 ha scritto:
Come potrei: I like the dream like quality to this song. Yet at the same time has a very rocking nature. I have not heard anything from this artist that I didn't like. Very talented musician. Keep up the awesome work!

l'utente Blacko Visions LAKE in data 13/06/2017 - ore 07:40:02 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: This is a great song and performance. The melthink it has strong This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics. The lyrics are interesting and meaningful with some punchy phrases. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. Great guitar solo too, although I think a grittier tone would suit the dark mood of the song better. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the song is distinctive and original, and I think it has strong

l'utente D.t.r entertainment in data 12/06/2017 - ore 17:02:01 ha scritto:
Ricordi: Great music .like to hear while im hiking or camping ..has a country and rock sound ..very unique music .hoping to hear more from you guys deffinaltly have a fan right here .keep it up I see you guys going places

l'utente Marcel Bauer in data 12/06/2017 - ore 07:30:24 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Absolutely fantastic, I liked this so much I had to pause it, get MY acoustic guitar and start from the beginning of this song. I am HUGE fan within the span of about 3 seconds and I would like to meet this excellent musician. YEAH!!

l'utente Blacko Visions LAKE in data 10/06/2017 - ore 19:47:40 ha scritto:
Come potrei: This is a great song and performance. The melthink it has strong This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics. The lyrics are interesting and meaningful with some punchy phrases. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. Great guitar solo too, although I think a grittier tone would suit the dark mood of the song better. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the song is distinctive and original, and I think it has strong

l'utente Weanoverlan in data 07/06/2017 - ore 08:30:46 ha scritto:
Il viandante: This song catches you right from the starting line and keeps you engaged. I love the way it flows and the mix of instruments with the voice. The vocals are clear and easy to understand. Sweet Work! Keep up the awesome work!

l'utente david carrett in data 05/06/2017 - ore 16:32:34 ha scritto:
Testimone: Ciao, e grazie molto per averci permesso di fare un commento sulla tua canzone. Mi piaciuto molto. Innanzitutto ho apprezzato molto la sensazione assolutamente acustica che hai preso. Quindi le osservazioni che faccio non sono in alcun modo una critica, ma proprio come l'orecchio la ascolta, la sensazione acustica era un buon modo per andare con questa canzone e mi dispiace solo che non parlo italiano, quindi non capisco Testi. Se dovessi fare qualche suggerimento sarebbe che sarebbe stata una grande canzone avere un basso verticale piuttosto che quello che sembra un elettrico? Anche nel mix sarebbe bello ascoltare l'armonia vocale che hai aggiunto nelle parti del coro. Si considera anche un tamburo di basso nella canzone? Potrebbe non corrispondere ai testi, ma al mio orecchio, funzionerebbe. Anche se avevi un mandolino giocato come ritmo blu stile erba si potrebbe trattenere un po 'sulla ritmica della chitarra. Si prega di essere sicuri che la canzone grande come . Questi commenti sono solo "al mio orecchio", e tutti abbiamo gusti e idee diversi. Ti auguro bene la tua musica. Tutto il meglio per voi dal Regno Unito Dave

l'utente Cracker Factory in data 03/06/2017 - ore 09:42:17 ha scritto:
Ricordi: Genova, Italy's Mauro Cipri is a one-man-band talent. Ricordi is a very enjoyable track with well-layered sounds including acoustic guitar, harmonica, shaker, and other assorted percussion. Bravo!

l'utente Slim Chance & The Gamblers in data 29/05/2017 - ore 07:30:44 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: But really who cares it's definitely ear candy. Very cool guitar parts, a vocal reminiscent of an Italian Cold Play style. I think if I had any criticism at all, I'd say maybe overly slick, but what doI know... I'm a blues rock guitarist. Anyway, I liked it and I'd listen again, that says a lot.

l'utente DBC Gospel Rapper in data 29/05/2017 - ore 07:29:24 ha scritto:
La tua comica televisione: I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating. Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on making great music and never stop creating.

l'utente Soothing Samba in data 26/05/2017 - ore 07:13:44 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: This song struck me as a mix between the smooth jazz grooves of Spyro Gyra combined with a classic rock sound similar to Sting with The Police. Very musical and calming. If you have never checked out the album "Love and Other Obsessions" by Spyro Gyra I would highly recommend it as your music has a very strong smooth jazz feel. Did you utilize a digital programs for some of your accompaniment or is it recorded as a live band? Bravo to whomever engineered your mix and master. Very well done, I enjoyed this track. Thank you for sharing.

l'utente Dale in data 21/05/2017 - ore 18:48:37 ha scritto:
Hello, Im not a fan of your music genre but your track senza arrivare mai caught my attention while I was browsing Discover page. How do I buy this tune on here?! Peace.

l'utente Weanoverlan in data 18/05/2017 - ore 07:40:10 ha scritto:
Testimone: This is a great song. The guitar and music pulled me in right off the bat. The words flow smoothly and I wish I spoke the language, I would love to know what the song is about. It is a very great song and conveys a very happy mood. Awesome job and keep up the wonderful work.

l'utente Pete Flores Band in data 15/05/2017 - ore 20:21:26 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Melodically the music could have more movement in it with more key signature changes to keep it from sounding to monotonous. It is a very nice up tempo song but the vocal arrangement seems to take away from the happiness of the song. Be a bit more expressive vocally. Good vocal harmonies though. Overall the music recording production is nice and clean, well balanced throughout the song. Very good guitar work in this tune.

l'utente Weanoverlan in data 14/05/2017 - ore 18:18:17 ha scritto:
Ricordi: I am not bilingual at all so I don't know what the words are, but it wouldn't be the first time. I love world music. I love this song. Great voice, great musicality, Very pleasant all the way around. Keep up the great song writing!

l'utente Red Kangaroos in data 12/05/2017 - ore 09:02:36 ha scritto:
Il viandante: A great piece of chilled music, you have a nice laid back vocal style. Though I don't speak Italian I found it good to listen to.Maybe let me hear some more of your material. Best wishes for the future my friend. Steve and the band.

l'utente Gar Mac leman in data 04/05/2017 - ore 09:39:01 ha scritto:
Ricordi: A very interesting track, which builds continually from start to finish. I can't comment on the words as I am an English only speaker. The percussion once it starts drives the song well and is in keeping with the well balanced instrumental mix. Nice congas. A stand out track as far as this site is concerned and I would like to hear more from this songwriter/performer.

l'utente Cortney in data 03/05/2017 - ore 13:32:18 ha scritto:
Hi. Your music sounds better than radio stations spin nowadays.

l'utente Zuzu Welsh Band in data 02/05/2017 - ore 14:19:34 ha scritto:
Testimone: Catchy country tune, nice loping tempo makes your foot tap. given it is not in English, I don't have much to say on the lyrics. The vocals are well-delivered, nice sound, nice range, the expressive sound in the voice conveys a message even though I can't understand the words, but the song makes me smile and has an uplifting "feel" to it. Heartily recommend this song to anyone who just wants to tap their foot and smile.

l'utente showmegod in data 02/05/2017 - ore 14:11:33 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: Very soothing and exquisite. Like the arrangement and flow of the song. Takes me away to a place beyond the realm of planet earth. I will turn friends and family on alike and recommend your music to all. Thanks for the trip.

l'utente Ras Smaila in data 02/05/2017 - ore 14:10:14 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: Kosmic Soul to its highest psychological height. Check this One Man band sound. Guaranteed to help you chilling out and makes your spirit fly high as light as some good Kali smoke. Big Up Mauro Cipri.

l'utente JB Band in data 25/04/2017 - ore 09:41:11 ha scritto:
Come potrei: The first thing that hit me was the relaxed guitar intro with the phaser on it. The chord choice and progression leave you feeling heady, like you are walking down some mystical path and not sure where it leads. The vocals grow on you the more you listen, the chorus is mesmerizing. And I do really enjoy how Mauro has recorded in different sound effects to add to the mystique and general mood of the whole song. Very impressive considering he has performed this as a oneman band loop station. Nice job Mr. Cipri!

l'utente Dapper in data 19/04/2017 - ore 13:44:30 ha scritto:
Il vicino di casa: Mauro has done an amazing job with this song in capturing an atmospheric and interesting ambience. Along the lines of Radiohead and Black (for those of you old enough to remember that). Lovely arrangement and a great vocal / harmony mix. I will definitely look out fro more from this artist!

l'utente No Regret in data 18/04/2017 - ore 15:11:53 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Hi Mauro, Nice sound you've got going there. Vocals a little quiet, but I'm not listening on a fantastic system either, so it could just be that. Effective use of loops, something we've never tried, but they're very popular these days. You've got a good feel for the style you're playing, and I like the subtle key changes between verse and chorus. Keep up the great work, sounding great so far!

l'utente Lebish Grinnell Music in data 17/04/2017 - ore 22:01:07 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Nice Intro and well mixed and finely produced. The use of Acoustic guitar and keyboard layers add to the the overall feel of this song. Since I do not speak Italian, I do not understand the lyrics which sound great and well sung.Obviously Mauro has had a lot of training and is well versed at looping but this song does not sound like a Looper song. IE; repeated phrases. This song is a fun song to listen to, and I am hoping someone will send me the translation of the lyrics. I could Google it..But I am patient. Great solo at the end of the song as well.

l'utente Jarvis Durham in data 17/04/2017 - ore 08:56:48 ha scritto:
Stampa Can't get enough of Il viandante. Love It and will be replayed many many times in my list of favourites!!!!!!

l'utente Suza in data 14/04/2017 - ore 18:42:27 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Although I'm not fluent in Italian, therefore unable to understand what message is being conveyed lyrically in Il viandante, Mauro Cipri's hypnotic velvet tone evokes visions of sunshine and good times on this catchy mellow track!

l'utente Debi Pomeroy in data 14/04/2017 - ore 07:40:40 ha scritto:
Il viandante: Hi! I listened to your song and really really liked it. It has elements of Moody Blues with a latin flare. Nice! Where are you from and how long have you been playing and writing songs? Debi Pomeroy

l'utente Andy Kimbel in data 11/04/2017 - ore 07:50:16 ha scritto:
Testimone: Good country feel. I do not speak French so I know not what the song is about and can only comment on the feel,production and musical contribution, all of which are very good. The song is engageging, uplifting and has good follow through. I like the consistancy of the backing guitar. The backing music is very solid and provides a great foundation for the lyric line. Great job. Wish I knew what it was about, but I get a sense of that from the mood of the song itself. Thanks for doing this!

l'utente Alex Guitar in data 09/04/2017 - ore 10:02:21 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: this is already the second track of yours I review. You are very smart thinking producer. Sound is clear. Those kinda bar /disco emulated tracks with you Italian flavor in it. I'm not fan but I do appreciate your attitude and work done on this track. Keep going and hopefully you'll find a commercial recognition as well. Good luck

l'utente Andy Kimbel in data 09/04/2017 - ore 10:00:13 ha scritto:
Ricordi: I like song that is felt, not just heard. Within the very first notes on the guitar, this occurs. The guitar playing is very good, consistent and has a real nice flow. The backing accompaniments are tastefully presented. Good vocal treatment, attaches nicely to the foundation of the music. Overall, very nice job and well done. I like the electric guitar solo too, just when you think the song is going to end.

l'utente Pepijn in data 07/04/2017 - ore 14:16:18 ha scritto:
Testimone: Hi Mauro, you have a nice tenor voice. The song reminds a bit of a western movie, with the hero riding on his horse in the desert. Especially the mouth harp makes it all complete. Very nice and entertaining song. Good mix and not overproduced. Although not in English, it appeals enough to forget the difficulties with the language. Good melody , good structure. It's the first song from you that I hear, but I want to hear much more from you. You flagged it as rock and folk, but for me it's more a folk song (even country & western if you like). I'm curious about your rock songs ... Keep up the good work !

l'utente Moranera in data 05/04/2017 - ore 13:30:03 ha scritto:
Ricordi: Ciao Mauro, mi piacciono sempre le tue atmosfere calde e che si rifanno alla tradizione cantautorale italiana. La tua voce mi ricorda quella della banda bardot. Complimenti da Moranera Como

l'utente SOGP Music in data 27/03/2017 - ore 20:43:59 ha scritto:
Il vicino di casa: Mauro Cipri brings us Il vicino di casa or The neighbor in italian. The song from a listener's perspective has a very tasty combination of early The Smiths, U2 and other mid 80's mod-electronic based popular groups at the time. From a producer's perspective the song has a full wall of sound but there is little beyond the initial panning of instruments any true sense of stereo depth. It is also highly compressed in its mastering and most of the dynamic range gets crushed out at the peak moments of the song.

l'utente cesar in data 17/03/2017 - ore 20:52:20 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: Me ha sorprendido gratamente esta pista de este artista italiano. Con un sonido muy ambiental y muy cuidado me ha atrapado gratamente, lo recomiendo altamente ya que es un magnifico trabajo que no deja indiferente a nadie

l'utente Pasqualino Ubaldini in data 09/03/2017 - ore 10:45:00 ha scritto:
Testimone: Spirito Cantautorale. Nella migliore delle tradizioni cantautorali italiani con spiccato accenno ai sound internazionali, tipiche di alcuni brani del repertorio di De Gregori. I richiami al west country, e alle ballad americane. La profonda e calda voce, canta di un testo di denuncia. Direi un gran bel brano, arricchito da un' ottima esecuzione. Molto bene! Grazie per averlo condiviso!

l'utente Bob Grubel in data 04/03/2017 - ore 15:11:11 ha scritto:
Ricordi: Intricate and interesting finger picking guitar sets a nice tone for this song. The chord structure is interesting as well and unpredictable. Though i don't understand Italian the pure musicality of this piece makes it enjoyable to listen to. I appreciate the combination of acoustic (guitar, harmonica and percussive instruments) and electronic instruments as well. Good job and wish you success!

l'utente Alex Guitar in data 03/03/2017 - ore 14:44:35 ha scritto:
Il vicino di casa: very romantic and simple. Don't really understand what this song is all about, but Italian always sounds good to impress women.Not sure if I do get this structuring in this song, but sound in general is good. From my point of view better song will be more impressive with this kinda quality of sound. Keep going because some potential is definately there. ciao

l'utente Garrett miller in data 25/02/2017 - ore 19:12:50 ha scritto:
Testimone: When I see a song categorized as Rock or New Wave, plus Folk Rock I'm wondering what we'll be hearing. Here, I get the Folk Rock, but not the other 2 categories listed. The songs intro with guitar is catchy and fun. The vocals in Italian are on pitch, in tune and enjoyable to hear. I think that's one thing I like about non-English songs, you just enjoy the vocals without trying to get the story in the vocals to distract you. Nice song.

l'utente wHITE pLASTIC tAPE in data 23/02/2017 - ore 14:41:55 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: This Song has very beautiful atmosphere! There are interesting Synths-Sounds mixed with clean "classical" Guitar and cool groove. There are also some surprising Chords.... Well done! Greetings from Vienna and take care!

l'utente Ronald Humphrey in data 21/02/2017 - ore 11:10:34 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: The song gets off to a great start. I love the sort of calypso groove goin' on. The instruments are played well and recorded perfectly. The vocals are great and sit will in the mix. I like the added vocal harmonies and vocal spread. There is a lot of light and shade in the song structure. I think the song could suit movie or TV placement. This is an excellent recording and the mastering and production is faultless. Great job. Best wishes. It has been a joy to listen and report on Senza arrivare mai. Cheers Ronald Humphrey

l'utente The Spiders in data 15/02/2017 - ore 10:19:59 ha scritto:
Come potrei: Finally found one. Hi, Mauro. I really like the song. I have no idea what you are saying since I do not understand Italian but the song is very good. Recorded pro too. I am also a one man band but it's all good. I will check out and review other songs of yours as well. Try and get the word out there, man. Bo - The Spiders.

l'utente Benny Bulte in data 13/02/2017 - ore 16:27:11 ha scritto:
Testimone: The song is very nice, the recording also, strange is that the song has no chorus, but I like it and its original altough you might not hear it the first time. Its a happy track with nice variations and Well performed

l'utente Xylonite Ivy in data 13/02/2017 - ore 08:37:17 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: it sounds like dead can dance: dark, melancholic, morbid. not bad but dead can dance still excist. otherwise: it is quit interesting that you make such dark music but you are from italy, where the sun always shines... go on!

l'utente The Getaway Drivers in data 06/02/2017 - ore 16:13:50 ha scritto:
Ricordi: Good blend of folk guitar and harmonica with more modern sounds- I like the mellow synth sounds. It's a pretty song- the melody line sounds traditional and I like the deep baritone of the singer. Good voice, relaxing to listen to.

l'utente Marian in data 06/02/2017 - ore 08:57:01 ha scritto:
Hey, you can be sure i'm here to recommend your music. Love Il vicino di casa!! Cheers

l'utente Dave Norman in data 02/02/2017 - ore 08:49:41 ha scritto:
Ricordi: Love this song ! It's a beautiful sound with a sense of mystery would love to hear an English translation as I feel the lyrics are probably really strong as well but my Italian is a bit weak ! Only suggestion is to remove or dull down some of the finger squeaks as they came out quite strongly at some points I thought. OItherwise great, one for my list of favourites !

l'utente Mauro in data 01/02/2017 - ore 10:43:37 ha scritto:
Thank you very much Garrett..:)

l'utente Garrett Miller in data 01/02/2017 - ore 09:00:32 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere: What a light fun song to enjoy. This is classified here as rock, new wave and folk rock. Maybe folk rock, but more new age for a classification. I wish I understood Italian so I could understand the lyrics to the song. However, that may be more of a good thing because now I'm listening to the singers voice, tone, melody and find his approach nice and charming. I wish you much success!

l'utente Mauro in data 30/01/2017 - ore 23:10:40 ha scritto:
Thanks Cyndy and Albina! You are very kind! It makes me a great pleasure 🙂

l'utente Albina in data 30/01/2017 - ore 23:08:55 ha scritto:
You are awesome. I just searched on N1M for new stuff and found your Isola di polvere, then proceeded to listen all of your music from your page. Keep it up, I love it.

l'utente Cindy in data 28/01/2017 - ore 17:50:28 ha scritto:
Hi! I'm in japan and played your music here, people really like what you do. Good luck in your future endeavours!

l'utente Albina in data 28/01/2017 - ore 17:48:22 ha scritto:
I'm following you here already but what's your facebook? I'd love to send you my LIKE there as well)))If you don't mind of cause.

l'utente Mauro in data 23/01/2017 - ore 10:12:56 ha scritto:
Thanks! 🙂 If you want there are live video and even video from my home at this link:

l'utente Keith Abbott in data 23/01/2017 - ore 08:50:52 ha scritto:
Ricordi: (They wouldn't let me do this yesterday) I love this one! My only thought is that the bass is a little distracting for my taste in the beginning - but really, I'm a folky guy that is a little lost on the more intricate time signatures of anything beyond simpler folk rhythms. Really though, this tune is super cool. Like I said, I'd love to hear your stuff live. Thanks for reaching out. - Keith

l'utente Ritchie Reich in data 22/01/2017 - ore 12:24:02 ha scritto:
Come potrei: Great intro, good Sound. The vocals are a bit too low and could be a bit "clearer", a bit more "in the front". But Overall this is a real nice song for Relaxing, closing the eyes and dreaming away. Unfortunately I can not understand what the lyrics are about.

l'utente Keith Abbott in data 22/01/2017 - ore 11:46:19 ha scritto:
Testimone: Mauro, this is a great, easy flowing sound on this tune. Very well polished. I can only imagine how it sounds live! I am a live guy, so that's how I think of this tune (I think the more natural sounding the better - percusion is a little spread, in my opinion, I'm curious how that would sound coming from a single location in the mix, but not a deal breaker, just a curious point). Energy to this song has a wonderful atmospheric ease to it, I'd love to set your stuff on at a party or on a patio for brunch at some cafe. I only wish I understood Italian!

l'utente Mauro in data 19/01/2017 - ore 11:12:57 ha scritto:
Thank you so much for Jimmy! Good music! 🙂

l'utente Jimmy Banga in data 19/01/2017 - ore 10:22:58 ha scritto:
Senza arrivare mai: This song starts out with a jazzy-techno feel intro with some Soft Cry like Voicings laid in.I'm liking the interesting Techno-Jazzy Musical Feel throughout,it blends so well with the Seal inspired Vocal Melodies/Tone.Seal is a Grammy Award Recipient for a Reason my Friends.At the end of the track there is a Sweet techno sequence with a Beautiful keyboard swell that takes you nicely out..In Retrospect of ""Senza Arrivare Mai""..I Find It a Relaxing yet Very Much Interesting New Age Adult Contemporary Song.It Goes Very Well with a Glass Of Wine.Cheers!

l'utente Mauro in data 18/01/2017 - ore 20:36:51 ha scritto:
Thank you very much Rob! I am very honored .. I made me really happy! 🙂

l'utente Rob Schnepp in data 18/01/2017 - ore 20:30:51 ha scritto:
Ricordi: I really like the way this begins almost like an old 70's rock song - reminiscent of The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin but with a folk twist. The vocals make me think of a cross between The Beatles and Blur (why Blur I don't know, but that's what comes to mind...Possibly thinking of Blur's Wassailing Song?), but I like the haunting quality they bring to it (and the background instruments). I like that it's a folk song, but could also work as a fully fledged rock song - an experiment I'd like to hear. Thoroughly enjoyed this one.

l'utente Mauro in data 17/01/2017 - ore 10:47:09 ha scritto:
I thank you so much for the review! you are very kind! 🙂

l'utente Jimmy Banga in data 17/01/2017 - ore 09:48:14 ha scritto:
Ricordi: A beautiful guitar Influence/style of Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) incorporated in this folky contemporary Song.A Soft vocal tone with some interesting voicings found mid song and near the end of the track.A nice Folk/contemporary Song with a slightly erie edge.Very Unique!

l'utente Mauro in data 16/01/2017 - ore 23:56:27 ha scritto:
Thank you very much for review Rob! 🙂

l'utente Rob Schnepp in data 16/01/2017 - ore 23:22:24 ha scritto:
Testimone: Very upbeat and keeps my foot tapping throughout. I like the classic jangle of the guitar and the changes in the the melody of the lyrics. All in all, a very enjoyable song to listen to and I'd like to hear more from Mauro.

l'utente Mauro in data 16/01/2017 - ore 14:37:32 ha scritto:
Ciao! Grazie mille! Bella la Toscana 😉 Un abbraccio anche a voi! e buona musica! 🙂

l'utente Erotic Funeral in data 16/01/2017 - ore 14:35:25 ha scritto:
Che bello, vedere un vicino di casa qua... buona fortuna grande Mauro, raccomandiamo dalla toscana, il nostro vicino di Genova, con grande onore un abbraccio Dylan Phoenix e Erotic Funeral

l'utente Mauro in data 13/01/2017 - ore 14:48:41 ha scritto:
Hi Charlene! Thank you so much! You are very kind .. It makes me immense pleasure! Thank you for your support!!!

l'utente Charlene in data 13/01/2017 - ore 11:02:50 ha scritto:
I have just a few favourite artists and you are one of them! I feel so honored by sharing your music and i love this feeling to be helpful for you in any positive way!!!!

l'utente Mauro in data 12/01/2017 - ore 11:14:50 ha scritto:
Hello Darrell! Thank you so much! 🙂 I was very pleased! Thank you!

l'utente Darrel Heath in data 12/01/2017 - ore 10:57:13 ha scritto:
Il vicino di casa: Great sound well produced relaxing music !I like it a lot keep up the great work. music makes the world go round ! I could hear your sound as backing music for TV and movies or film .Hope this review finds you having a great day !

l'utente Mauro in data 11/01/2017 - ore 15:53:31 ha scritto:
Hi Muddy! Thank you so much .. I am really pleased! Thank you.. Cheers

l'utente Muddy Sand in data 11/01/2017 - ore 15:46:47 ha scritto:
hi mauro. great stuff. I have posted you on our muddy sand Facebook page..

l'utente Mauro in data 11/01/2017 - ore 08:48:40 ha scritto:
Muchas Gracias! :)) Me hace muy feliz!

l'utente tvrocknow in data 11/01/2017 - ore 08:45:13 ha scritto:
Muy buenas canciones, y excelente estilo, felicidades....

l'utente Mauro in data 09/01/2017 - ore 15:01:54 ha scritto:
Thank you very much Gregory!

l'utente Gregory in data 09/01/2017 - ore 11:17:55 ha scritto:
hey i was browsing for some new good music and came across your wonderful sounds! I've just joined your network to recommend your music on my facebook and earn blincoins. Keep in touch!

l'utente Mauro in data 08/01/2017 - ore 21:07:02 ha scritto:
Thank you Vera! Ariene the songs are ready for download..;)

l'utente Ariene in data 08/01/2017 - ore 16:00:16 ha scritto:
come potrei please put it on buy or download mode. thx I love it!

l'utente Vera in data 07/01/2017 - ore 15:54:10 ha scritto:
'Come potrei' has just been added to my favourites

l'utente Mauro in data 23/12/2016 - ore 10:55:59 ha scritto:
Thank you very much Alison!!

l'utente Alison in data 23/12/2016 - ore 09:42:28 ha scritto:
Isola di polvere, I love this tune so much! It kept me hooked and I kept listening to it on replay.

l'utente Mauro in data 21/12/2016 - ore 21:12:23 ha scritto:
Thanks Alison! you are really so kind! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂

l'utente Alison in data 21/12/2016 - ore 20:52:06 ha scritto:
While I'm thankful for your music. I want to pay for the album on itunes you deserve my money. Im gonna search for it right now. May you spend this holiday season, With love, peace and joy!

l'utente Mauro in data 08/12/2016 - ore 20:56:16 ha scritto:
Ciao! Ti ringrazio tantissimo!

l'utente Luca in data 08/12/2016 - ore 20:13:10 ha scritto:
complimenti ..scrivi bei pezzi, bello l'effetto alla voce

l'utente Mauro in data 05/12/2016 - ore 23:52:04 ha scritto:
Hey Jessie .. You're really kind! I heartily thank you for your support! it is nice to receive these words .. 🙂 If you want you can put a like on my page facebook .. Thanks a lot! 🙂

l'utente Jessie in data 05/12/2016 - ore 23:36:17 ha scritto:
Hey, It's nice to hear from you. Just let me know if you need any help and I'll do my best to support you! I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.???

l'utente Mauro in data 30/11/2016 - ore 14:34:52 ha scritto:
Thanks Duncan! You are very kind! I thank you very much for your message! I am very pleased .. I'm writing new songs and I hope soon to publish them 🙂 I will send an email to everyone just publish. Thanks again! Mauro

l'utente Duncan in data 30/11/2016 - ore 13:57:56 ha scritto:
Hey....Your tracks are just great and I believe your music inspires a lot of people to follow you. I wonder how come I didn't know about you earlier. Please never give up makin such a great music for us!!! a BIG thank you!!! btw my fav is COME POTREI

l'utente Mauro in data 30/11/2016 - ore 09:30:13 ha scritto:
Thank you very much Richard for you message... I hope to publish soon new songs ..;) Cheers! 😉 Mauro

l'utente Richard in data 30/11/2016 - ore 09:24:57 ha scritto:
Definitely love your first tune in player! If I do like a certain song then I shall listen to it again and again. But I don't expect an artist to paint the same picture AGAIN AND AGAIN. Cheers! Richard

l'utente Mauro in data 29/11/2016 - ore 23:27:32 ha scritto:
Thank you so much Jo! You are very kind! .. Thanks for your support .. Good luck to you too..

l'utente Jo in data 29/11/2016 - ore 23:20:57 ha scritto:
I wish you all the best and hope that all your dreams will come true! I'll be passing your music on to my friends, so perhaps some of them will follow too.

l'utente Mauro in data 29/11/2016 - ore 12:40:31 ha scritto:
thank you very much Robert! You are very kind:)

l'utente Robert in data 29/11/2016 - ore 11:59:59 ha scritto:
I must say that IL VICINO DI CASA caught my attention, incredible stuff. keep on!

l'utente Mauro in data 29/11/2016 - ore 07:26:05 ha scritto:
hi..thank you very much Ariel! your message makes me really happy ..

l'utente Ariel in data 29/11/2016 - ore 07:14:23 ha scritto:
Hi! when i shaed your tune i got some response from my friends and a few of them really like it. Good luck in your future endeavors!

l'utente Mauro in data 28/11/2016 - ore 14:27:29 ha scritto:
Thank you brokerv.. if you want there is direct link here Or looking for mauro cipri on web site amazon or iTunes Thank you very much!

l'utente Brokerv in data 28/11/2016 - ore 14:23:28 ha scritto:
loved your Isola Di Polvere .. I would soooo buy it, Is there a way to get it?

l'utente Mauro in data 27/11/2016 - ore 19:02:42 ha scritto:
Thanks Belinda! You're very kind! I hope soon to be able to publish new songs .. 🙂

l'utente Belinda in data 27/11/2016 - ore 18:10:52 ha scritto:
I will be waiting for the next fabulous tune! Much respect to U. Belinda ...

l'utente Mauro in data 27/11/2016 - ore 10:02:34 ha scritto:
Mollie hello! thank you so much! you are very kind .. 🙂 thanks for your support ..;)

l'utente Mollie in data 27/11/2016 - ore 09:59:49 ha scritto:
Hi! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we(fans) want to play over and over.

l'utente Mauro in data 26/11/2016 - ore 11:55:53 ha scritto:
Ahhh.. Augustin thanks! I hope to do it soon ..;) I'm recording new tracks .. I hope soon to publish them .. 🙂 thank you!

l'utente Augustin in data 26/11/2016 - ore 11:49:56 ha scritto:
hey...can you create some again like...Isola di polvere??????? I'm your unconditional fan

l'utente Mauro in data 25/11/2016 - ore 09:25:57 ha scritto:
thank you so much Maxine! You are really kind..:)

l'utente Maxine in data 24/11/2016 - ore 19:08:07 ha scritto:
Hi! I just wanna show you some love and support, your music is on my daily playlist and I'm waiting here for more...keep em coming! Your true fan Maxine!

l'utente Mauro in data 21/11/2016 - ore 15:21:13 ha scritto:
Thank you so much Effi! You are very kind! Thank you so much for your appreciation..:)

l'utente Effi in data 21/11/2016 - ore 15:18:36 ha scritto:
I really enjoyed listening to 'Il vicino di casa'. If you ever release a new album, I'm going to buy your album. lol So yeah, keep up the music.

l'utente Mauro in data 16/11/2016 - ore 16:11:46 ha scritto:
Agnes Hello! Thank you! I am really pleased! If you want you can download the songs directly from this link: and Or are you

l'utente Agnes in data 16/11/2016 - ore 16:10:10 ha scritto:
Hi! How to buy your album on google play?? I've been searching... but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here, I'm eager to hear more...thanks

l'utente Mauro in data 15/11/2016 - ore 15:30:50 ha scritto:
thank you Leslie! I am very happy

l'utente Leslie in data 15/11/2016 - ore 15:27:11 ha scritto:
Wow - you are amazing - I found your site and I can't stop listening!

l'utente Mauro in data 14/11/2016 - ore 09:17:02 ha scritto:
Hi Roscoe! I am very happy..:) Thanks!

l'utente Roscoe in data 14/11/2016 - ore 09:08:51 ha scritto:
Crank it up! love every song. happy blessed day!! If I got the money I would buy it

l'utente Mauro in data 12/11/2016 - ore 15:19:12 ha scritto:
Hi Agustin! I am very happy for your message! Thank you so much! I was really pleased;)

l'utente Agustin in data 12/11/2016 - ore 11:18:35 ha scritto:
Great sound!! I am listenning to your tunes and really like it 🙂 Just a moment ago I enjoyed listening to IL VICINO DI CASA. Good luck with your music. Agustin

l'utente Mauro in data 12/11/2016 - ore 11:16:21 ha scritto:
Thank you so much brookerv! I am really glad 🙂

l'utente brookerv in data 12/11/2016 - ore 11:15:57 ha scritto:
Well, i like isola di polvere.

l'utente Mauro in data 10/11/2016 - ore 11:15:09 ha scritto:
Hi Martin! Thank you very much for your message! It makes me a great pleasure! 🙂

l'utente abigailmartin in data 10/11/2016 - ore 11:14:26 ha scritto:
I love your music! You have an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing!

l'utente Mauro in data 07/11/2016 - ore 16:33:08 ha scritto:
Hi Amira..Yes.. It is Thank you

l'utente Amira in data 07/11/2016 - ore 14:32:36 ha scritto:
do you have youtube channel?

l'utente Mauro in data 05/11/2016 - ore 13:29:04 ha scritto:
But thanks a lot Irma! It makes me really happy :))

l'utente Irma in data 05/11/2016 - ore 11:28:27 ha scritto:
Thank you, because magic may not be real.. but your songs are truly magical!

l'utente Mauro in data 02/11/2016 - ore 18:31:49 ha scritto:
Thank you so much Cornell! I am very pleased

l'utente Cornell in data 02/11/2016 - ore 15:27:19 ha scritto:
Hi!! your music is absolutely awesome and reflects my mood for today. i will follow your updates here and share your stuff as often as i can..all the best!!

l'utente Mauro in data 01/11/2016 - ore 11:23:53 ha scritto:
Hi Roshel! Thank you so much! 🙂 I am very pleased .. If you want you can listen to or download my music at this link as well as on iTunes;) Thanks!

l'utente Roshel in data 01/11/2016 - ore 10:17:13 ha scritto:
Please, don't stop making excellent music. now get your latest music on iTunes please!

l'utente Mauro in data 31/10/2016 - ore 18:26:11 ha scritto:
Thanks Herschel! I really appreciate it! You are very kind

l'utente Herschel in data 31/10/2016 - ore 12:24:55 ha scritto:

l'utente Mauro in data 31/10/2016 - ore 12:24:02 ha scritto:
Hi Megan! Thank you so much! You are very kind

l'utente Megan in data 31/10/2016 - ore 11:23:25 ha scritto:
hi. i'll admit, i just stumbled upon your music by referall from my friend's post on facebook...I like it! i look forward to listening to the rest of your music.

l'utente Mauro in data 29/10/2016 - ore 09:22:32 ha scritto:
Thanks Minnie .. if you want this link there is my discography including an older set 'il testimone dei ricordi' You're very kind!

l'utente Minnie in data 28/10/2016 - ore 11:21:31 ha scritto:
You know.. I could listen to your music all day! This is so good! It's deLIGHTFUL

l'utente Minnie in data 28/10/2016 - ore 11:20:49 ha scritto:
Hey I must tell you that I am so impressed with your music. Are you going to upload new tunes anytime soon?

l'utente Mauro in data 27/11/2014 - ore 21:20:44 ha scritto:
Ciao Mirko! Ma grazie..:) Mi fa un grande piacere.. Un fortissimo abbraccio anche a te my friend!!

l'utente Mirko in data 27/11/2014 - ore 18:08:45 ha scritto:
Un forte abbraccio a te che oltre ad essere un grande amico, sei un grande artista, dinamico e pragmatico!

l'utente Mauro in data 13/01/2014 - ore 17:18:28 ha scritto:
Grazie brother! Stima reciproca! 🙂

l'utente Matteo Mugnai Robles in data 08/01/2014 - ore 13:27:41 ha scritto:
Forza brother! Stima a nastro! 😉

l'utente Mauro in data 02/01/2014 - ore 12:23:22 ha scritto:
🙂 Grazie Matte!!

l'utente Matteo Conta in data 02/01/2014 - ore 10:24:21 ha scritto:
grande Mauro, bello il nuovo sito, complimenti 🙂

l'utente Mauro in data 13/12/2013 - ore 10:10:51 ha scritto:

l'utente Mauro in data 13/03/2013 - ore 08:39:32 ha scritto:
Grazie a tutti i presenti al Kitcken Mon Amour! Bella serata...

l'utente mauro in data 26/10/2011 - ore 17:31:46 ha scritto:
All in good time...

l'utente Mauro in data 24/11/2010 - ore 09:48:10 ha scritto:
Grazie Elena! Mi fa molto piacere! Se vuoi iscriverti sul sito potrai ricevere mie news, comunicazioni, date live ecc. ecc. Grazie Elena... A presto

l'utente Elena in data 23/11/2010 - ore 22:46:06 ha scritto:
Complimenti per il sito e per le tue doti artistiche! Bello anche il canale Youtube Ciao:-)

l'utente Mauro in data 03/03/2010 - ore 18:11:00 ha scritto:
oila'!! Ciao Marco! Grazie! Che piacere! Un saluto anche a te! Mauro

l'utente Marco Petillo in data 03/03/2010 - ore 00:13:44 ha scritto:
Ciao Mauro, un saluto dal passato remoto e rombante! M.

l'utente Mauro in data 22/02/2010 - ore 20:12:08 ha scritto:

l'utente Beat Bop A Lula in data 22/02/2010 - ore 16:30:23 ha scritto:
Recensione CD Il testimone dei ricordi [ Mauro Cipri ] su Beat Bop A Lula_free music webmagazine Salve, la recensione del CD pubblicata su Beat Bop A Lula_free music webmagazine

l'utente Mauro in data 26/10/2009 - ore 14:24:09 ha scritto:
Ciao Marco, grazie! Mi fa molto piacere!

l'utente marco bertoglio in data 26/10/2009 - ore 11:33:56 ha scritto:
Ciao st facendo sentire 'ricordi' alle mie due sorelle. Ti fanno i complimenti anche loro!! a presto marco

l'utente Ammiratrice in data 11/05/2009 - ore 19:19:52 ha scritto:
Ci sono sensazioni che non si possono spiegare, fantasie che non si possono raccontare, in tutto questo ci sei tu e la tua musica... Baci

l'utente Mauro in data 12/03/2009 - ore 01:48:40 ha scritto:
Ciao Fabry! Grazie per il messaggio! Mi fa un sacco piacere! Ti ringrazio molto...e crepi il lupo!! Ci vediamo in giro per Quinto...Ciao!

l'utente Pance in data 11/03/2009 - ore 16:23:37 ha scritto:
Ciao Mauro sono Fabry.Permettimi di farti un grosso "in bocca al lupo" per la tua carriera.Scrivi testi molto intensi e difficili.Si vede che ci metti tanta passione e questa voglia sar ripagata. Ciao Fabry

l'utente Mauro in data 28/12/2008 - ore 20:20:53 ha scritto:
Grazie Mirko! Un grande augurio anche a te!... E buona musica!! Ci vediamo presto! Mauro

l'utente Mirko in data 27/12/2008 - ore 20:07:51 ha scritto:
Un augurio ad un grande genoano ed un chitarrista d'altri tempi!!! Mirko

l'utente mauro in data 17/12/2008 - ore 19:26:08 ha scritto:
Grazie cugini!! Troppo buoni... 🙂 A presto!

l'utente maria, salvatore, vincenzo in data 17/12/2008 - ore 14:26:05 ha scritto:
vai cuginetto.....sei bravissimo!

l'utente Mauro in data 21/09/2008 - ore 11:55:48 ha scritto:
Ciao Ste! Belin se mi ricordo! E anche i tempi della croce verde...indimenticabili.. Grazie per il messaggio... Mi ha fatto davvero piacere! Chiss, magari faremo qualche altra partita assieme... A presto! Un abbraccio anche a te! Mauro

l'utente Stefano (ghiro) in data 20/09/2008 - ore 23:16:06 ha scritto:
Ciao Mauro, ti ricordi le partite al "depu" ? ... belin se passa il tempo..cmq sei diventato veramente bravo! complimenti! un abbraccio ste -

l'utente Mauro in data 25/08/2008 - ore 00:07:11 ha scritto:
eh eh magari....Grazie Vero! 🙂

l'utente veronica in data 22/08/2008 - ore 16:47:08 ha scritto:

l'utente Mauro in data 17/06/2008 - ore 23:37:54 ha scritto:
Ciao Ale! Grazie di cuore! Mi fa piacere! Ma come hai scovato il sito? Belin ti ricordi i tempi della piazza? Spettacolo! Dai fatti vedere in giro! A presto! Ciao Rovo! ...e grazie ancora! Mauro

l'utente il rovo in data 17/06/2008 - ore 18:33:29 ha scritto:
grande mauri ...belin ho sentito un paio dei tuoi pezzi e sei molto bravo....non pensavo ti fossi dato a questo genere ....ciao il rovo

l'utente in data 16/05/2008 - ore 16:50:45 ha scritto:
Crea GRATIS la tua pagina su, entra nella community e fai ascoltare la tua musica.

l'utente Mauro in data 03/05/2008 - ore 12:55:41 ha scritto:
Grazie Ele! Mi fa piacere...

l'utente Ele in data 03/05/2008 - ore 01:37:53 ha scritto:
Hai creato un sito molto bello..Bravo!

l'utente Mauro in data 24/04/2008 - ore 18:42:32 ha scritto:
Grazie Marco per il prezioso sostegno! A presto

l'utente Marco Berta... in data 24/04/2008 - ore 18:30:15 ha scritto:
Mi sono collegato al tuo sito e ho ascoltato le tue canzoni... Sei un grande Mauro, sto diventando un tuo fan! E ho potuto ascoltare bene le parole. Grandissimo. A presto.

l'utente Paola L. in data 08/04/2008 - ore 09:22:25 ha scritto:
Ciao Mauro ho visto il tuo sito, con un sacco di contenuti...davvero interessanti. Ti faccio un grande "in bocca al lupo" nella speranza che i tuoi sogni musicali si avverino, perch la tenacia, io ne sono sicura, viene sempre premiata. Ciao!

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